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Contrasting Le Corbusier's concept of sport areas following order and linearity, I pictured Rio de Janeiro's curvaceous landscape as a quotidian theatre for thousands of people practising former and present Olympic and Paralympic sports. While the Olympic machine was remodelling its hosting city RIO2016, I investigated how amateur sport activities have been long since shaping the city social fabric.
Whether cyclers, runners, and skaters on the promenades, or handball players on city's beaches, their metropolitan routine contributes to create the collective sense of space. Because here, more cheekily than other cities, beaches and parks, the lagoon and the bay, belong to athletes that transform them into a huge outdoor gymnasium. And it is here, where the magic happens: Rio's sport natural theatres become the places where different cultures sociably meet and freely, fearlessly, show their collective identity.

Cariocas in Olympia was exhibited at Kaunas Festival 2015, in the section "Via Latina" and was published by SportWeek, one of the main sport magazine in Italy.