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(by Šefik Daupovic Fico)

We do not sleep.
Bears and princesses

We do not sleep.
We count
The stone sleepers –
Left to right,
Right to left.

Every sleeper
Is an oasis – for themselves.
When the words arrive,
The stone sleepers rise –
To greet them.

In the stone sleepers' dream
Everything is written.

They come to Bosnia –
To rewrite dreams.

Even Gilgamesh
Has been to Bosnia –
He sought the straw
Of eternal life.
At a border crossing 'without question'
They seized it –

That this is true
Testifies the story
Of Yeti's feet
On the Himalayas –
Which is permanently
Covered with snow,
So that it is not erased.

The snowflakes,
These are our eyes –
Dropped from Ursa Major
And Ursa Minor.

The snows,
These are our sights –
In a station without a heating system
On their way around the world.

Somnambulism is a book, accompanied
by poems, texts, and archival photos.
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